Casey Wolfe (wolfspirit07) wrote in riddick_fanfic,
Casey Wolfe

On the Wings of Tomorrow

Title: On the Wings of Tomorrow
Author: wolfspirit07
Pairings: Riddick/Vaako
Word Count: 6,339
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance, H/C, Wingfic
Summary: Before the Necromongers, Vaako was a leader among his people, the winged race known as Morrigans. Now his powers and wings have returned and he wants Riddick's help to find his people.
Author's Notes: Yet another one of those fics that I started a long time ago and ended up lost into the bowels of my shelved folder. Very glad to finally have it finished out to share with you all as this one was a really fun concept to tackle. Enjoy!
AO3 /
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