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FIC: Eleventh Hour Reprieve

Title: Eleventh Hour Reprieve
Series: You're Aware in All the Silence
Author: taibhrigh
BigBang: smallfandombang
Artist: Lightning_Skies
Fandoms: Chronicles of Riddick Series
Pairing/Characters: Vaako/Riddick, Eve, Kyra, Dahl
Rating: R/Slash (violence, language, and sexual content)
Word Count: 20400
Author's Thanks: Thanks to siluria for the beta. Thanks to Lightning_Skies for the story art!
Author's Notes: (1) This is the first of two stories in the You're Aware in All the Silence series. (2) Just keep in mind there is 5 years between the end of each movie with no timestamp of how much time actually passes during each movie. So, I’m going with around 11 years (give or take) from the end of Pitch Black to the end of Riddick.

Series Summary: The Elementals had been meddling with the Universe through people's destinies for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. But now the Universe has decided to fight back. It's just waiting for the right person to fall. And for the right person to be its vengeance.

Story Summary: The Threshold is all knowing. It toys with the Universe waiting for the one whose choice to change the past starts but not choosing his own.

Link to Story:
Link to Art:

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