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Riddick Fanfiction

Death by teacup. ...nice.

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This community is dedicated to spreading fanfic based on the character of Riddick, introduced in the movie Pitch Black and continued in The Chronicles of Riddick, out now in theatres.

The rules here are the same for every other fanfiction community, very basic:

1) No flame wars. I will personally ban ANYONE who attacks another member personally. We may not agree on certain aspects of the fandom, but the minute someone begins to attack personally they're gone.

2) This fanfic community takes ALL kinds of fanfic. This includes slash, or homosexual, content. Again, see rule #1 if you're against this.

3) I give you free reign to post anything you want relating to the character of Riddick, but I ask that you put a rating on it, what pairings if any are inside it, etc, at the beginning of the fic.

4) Have fun.