Casey Wolfe (wolfspirit07) wrote in riddick_fanfic,
Casey Wolfe

Tumblr Made Me Do It: Riddick

Title: Tumblr Made Me Do It: Riddick
Author: wolfspirit07
Pairings: Gen, Riddick/Johns, Riddick/Vaako, Johns/Vaako, Riddick/Boss
Chapters/Word Count: 37 Fics; 11,737 Words (So far)
Rating: Teen
Genre: Family, Romance, varied (see individual chapter tags)
Summary: A collection of various ficlets for Tumblr fills. (1) William Johns has had it up to HERE with Dahl, Dahl frankly doesn't care, and Boss wants to kill them both. (2) Riddick and Vaako have a different view of flirting. (3) Riddick wasn't sure he'd heard Johns right. (4) Riddick and Vaako share their first kiss. (5) Riddick's newest bed partner is enchanting in more ways than one. (6) Model AU. (7) Johns was getting Riddick back to slam, no matter what. (8) Riddick was shocked to see Johns again... alive... with wings. (9) Riddick remembers Hades and the things he's lost. (10) Riddick stops Johns from making a big mistake. (11) Boss has a shadow that insists on playing bodyguard. (12) Riddick is adept at breaking out of slam and slipping away from mercs. Johns, not so much... (13) Johns doesn’t need a bodyguard, at least that’s what he keeps saying. (14) Johns acquires a new tattoo. (15) Vaako allows his anger to show and snaps at the Lord Marshal. (16) Riddick is struck by the beauty of his lover. (17) Riddick believes Johns missed his calling of being on the wrong side of the law. (18) Boss seems to be Riddick's latest interest and the veteran merc has mixed feelings on this subject. (19) After escaping Butcher Bay, Riddick has a question for his unlikely ally. (20) Boss gets an urgent call from his son. (21) “I can’t… I can’t breathe…” Riddick was holding his sides, doubled over as he made little wheezing sounds. (22) Snark is all just foreplay to the likes of them. (23) Johns is supposed to name his future mate. (24) Johns was saved on Hades by the Necros, and now Vaako wants him all to himself. (25) Vaako is preparing to go through the Threshold. (26) Boss was not expecting a call like this. (27) Riddick’s vision blurred in and out, the effect of a precise blow to the head that caused him to lose consciousness. Through the haze he saw a broad figure crouch next to him. (28) Riddick thought Johns was dead. (29) Vaako returns to the armada and finds a surprise. (30) Why the hell was he here? Oh, right. Riddick. (31) “Before you decide to murder me, let me explain...” (32) A bittersweet reunion. (33) “You’re so beautiful,” Vaako murmured. (34) Johns is gravely injured and Riddick fears this may be the end. (35) Riddick watches as they play, figuring he could probably learn to do it too. (36) “I wish I could hate you.” Riddick scoffed at the statement from his First Among Commanders. (37) Johns didn't care for surprises.
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